Themes of the Conference

Themes and sub themes of the International Conference (ICWMCC-2023):

Conference Concept Note:
Climate change influences many parameters among which the critical one is water resource. Water resources determine the agricultural productivity. Agricultural productivity in turns affects the living conditions of a large number of farmers dependent upon farming. The Global Water Meet attempts to construct relation between climate variability, water resources, farm productivity and rural livelihood. The meet analyzes the effects of each of them at different stages to arrive at long term and short term policy instruments in terms of adaptation. In the context of the current debate about climate change, it is necessary that the developing countries, like India, are taking considerable actions in terms of policies, programmes and projects and capacity building.

The Meet is expected to have brain storming deliberations among a select group of experts on the impact of climate change on global economy and come out with appropriate policy suggestions.

Focus of the Conference:
Some of us who are directly and indirectly challenged by the growing water crisis shall be meeting at one of the premier Water and Land Management Institute, Dharwad, Karnataka, India during 24th and 25th January 2023. The Meet aims to generate novel ideas with suggestions and sustainable and pro people solution to the giant problem of climate change from global experts. With this intention, the proposed international conference aims at discussing and documenting the field level experiences related to working of water management and by inviting papers on the themes listed below from the academicians, administrators, experienced persons and research scholars. This conference also focuses on the challenges, problems and mitigation strategies have been taken by the individual person, public and private organization, Research scholar from SAU’s, state Universities and colleges for managing water management and climate change related issues. These crucial issues will be deliberated under the following themes:

  1. Challenges of Water Management
    • Supply Side Challenges
    • Demand Side Challenges

  2. Implication of climate change
    • Nature and extent of climate change
    • Impact of climate change on water resources and agriculture

  3. Way forward
    • Amelioration of implication of climate change- adaptation and mitigation
    • Policy mechanisms for sustainable water management and agriculture
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