Guidelines for Visa and Travel of Foreign Delegates (ICWMCC2023)

  1. We have dispatched individual Formal Letter of Invitation (FLI) to the delegate through personal Email ID to apply for Indian Visa. Visa applications are in progress.

  2. MEA, GOI Clearance letter is sent to the delegates through email.

  3. Follow guidelines from Indian Mission in your country and Directions of official websites of Government of India.

  4. Contact the travel agent (details given through individual email) for blocking / booking your travel tickets. Many tickets are blocked / booked.

  5. Travel cost by Economy Class International flights by shortest route is only Travel cost will be borne only from your official residence or office to event place (Dharwad-Hubballi) and back.

  6. Your local hospitality (food and accommodation) is funded only for the duration of the Conference with a concession of one day prefixing or suffixing 24-25 January, 2023 (only in exceptional case)

  7. Delegates are requested to confirm your journey dates as per your VISA approvals.

  8. Local tours and trips in India are not supported by the Organizers (We shall guide)

  9. No accompanying person (other than invited) is supported by the Organizers.

  10. Kindly register yourself for the conference using the Registration Form through the attached link :
    This helps us to prepare a correct data base of delegates of filled Registration by the Organizers.
  1. For any guidance, quick clarification prior discussion/ communication is preferred ( Cross/multiple group chats are not desired.

  2. For further information/details please contact
    • Dr. Rajendra Poddar (+91 9448386889)
    • Er. Basavaraj Bandiwaddar (+91 9448408404)
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