Flow of Technical Session and Role of Experts

Flow of each Session of the Conference is organized in 10 Technical Panel Sessions (including an Open House Interaction Each session is allotted duration of 75 Minutes. Each technical session will have a Chairman/ Co Chairman/Lead Speakers and about 2-3 Panelists and two Rapporteurs  and one Convener and one Felicitator.

  • Chairman/ Co-chairman: Introduces the speakers and the topic (its objectives, Scope, limitations        and outcome) and manages the entire session (10min.)
  • Chairman: Summarizes the deliberations of the session and provides outputs for reporting by the rapporteur (5 min.)
  • Lead Speakers: Make a PPT presentation (10min.each) with a limited number of most relevant slides.
  • Panelists: Each panelist makes critical suggestions/ comments about the topic presented by the keynote speaker (10min.)
  • Open session: Open house interaction with participants coordinated by the Chairman (10min.)
  • Rapporteur: Will record proceedings of the session and come out with specific conclusions and recommendations.
  • Convenor: Will assist chair in organizing the entire session, inform all the experts and welcomes and request Chair to conduct the session. Compiles proceedings / notes from the Chair, Rapporteurs and other experts. Experts are requested to contact / coordinate with the convenor.
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