About Dharwad

About Dharwad

Dharwad is spread out over seven hills and is built on a fairly stable geological surface. It is a gateway between the plains in the east and the Western Ghats. The history of Dharwad and its twin city, Hubballi, goes back to the 12th century. Together, they make up the second largest urban area in Karnataka. The area’s calm and healthy climate has made it a great place for music and writing to flourish. A cradle of Hindustani music, Dharwad has spawned renowned performers like Gangubhai Hangal, Pt. Bheemsen Joshi, Sawai Gandharav, Basavaraj Rajaguru, Kumar Gandharva, and Mallikarjun Mansur. On the literary scene, it was home to D. R. Bendre, who won the Jnanapitha award, and it was where Vinayaka Krishna Gokak and Girish Karnad grew up. Because of its connections to music and literature, the city and its people have a strong respect for education. This makes it the education hub of North Karnataka. Institutes of national importance, such as IIT and IIIT, have also been set up in this hub.

Dharwad is strategically placed between Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, and Mumbai, India’s financial capital. It is known as Pedha Nagari for its world-famous pedhas and as Vidya Kashi for its schools.


The University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad came up with the Dharwad Cotton Hybrid (DCH), one of the crops grown there. Also, Dharwad makes different kinds of channa, soya, and groundnut seeds. Some well-known crops are paddy, jowar, Alphonso mangoes, and Navalur guavas.

Industrial and business development

Tata Motors, one of the biggest automakers, has a plant in Dharwad where it makes commercial vehicles. Small and medium-sized commercial vehicles are made at this unit for the Indian market. The plant is on NH4, 11 km from Dharwad, next to the high court bench of Karnataka, Dharwad, and close to the Belur industrial estate.


The weather in Dharwad makes it a great place to go on vacation, and its agriculture base, with its famous hybrid cotton, as well as its industrial development and IT zones, are all doing well. Dharwad is a well-known tourist destination and religious site in the state of Karnataka. It is known for its classical Hindu dance forms and is home to the Chandramouleswara Temple, Unkal Lake, Nrupatunga Hill, Indira Glass House Garden, Dharwad Regional Science Center Museum, and Banshankari Temple.

Dharwad Hubli is well connected by rail, road, and air to India’s major cities and states that are close by.

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